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Neue Funktionen bei DASH und DL: CAN-Upgrade !

14.07.2015 - Race-Technology

CAN Upgrade für integriertes Modul!

Seit Kurzem ist es möglich mittels Upgrade (Software-Lizenz) die integrierte CAN-Schnittstelle zu nutzen.

Dadurch entfällt das sonst übliche und notwendige CAN-Interface (Hardware)

Z.B. beim DASH4-PRO und beim DL1-Club. Weitere Informationen auf Anfrage und nachfolgend:

DASH4PRO CAN Input + Testing Features

The DASH4PRO display has been updated for 2015, with some major new features. The DASH4PRO display is available in 2 display types; high contrast OLED (shown above) or transflective LCD (shown below).

  • Direct CAN Input Option. Connect directly to a CAN bus or ECU to decode and display data. Comes complete with CAN tools for viewing raw CAN data to assist troubleshooting and reverse engineering.

  • Tighter Integration with our data loggers and SPEEDBOX products. The DASH4PRO can now be used to setup and display SPEEDBOX triggered tests, as well as automatically displaying system warnings (e.g. memory remaining, GPS status).

  • New Case and Mounting Options. Improved aluminium die-cast case with optional additional windscreen mount.

  • + much more including new fonts, performance meter mode, new cable options, and updated configuration software.

New! Direct CAN Input Option: With the CAN option it is possible to display any CAN variables directly from the CAN bus/device on the DASH4PRO. With loading from .dbc files and a fully configurable graphics display it's easy to see the information you need, on any of the 4 screens of data.

Configure the display to decode and display CAN values directly, using numeric, text, bar charts, graphs and even the bicolour LED scales (shiftlights).

New! Built in CAN tools for displaying incoming CAN messages, perfect for troubleshooting and reverse engineering:

  • Display all variables at 20, 50, 100, 125, 160, 250, 500 kbps or 1000 (1Mbit) baud rates, displays all raw CAN at selected baud rate. Enabling data baud rates to be quickly checked, and individual messages scrolled through. Check incoming addresses, frequency and see raw data values live.
  • Display all raw CAN variables at the unit's configured baud rate, to quickly check the configuration, frequency, all incoming raw CAN addresses and their values.


New! Tighter Integration with Race Technology data loggers and SPEEDBOX products, display system warnings and messages. Setup SPEEDBOX triggered tests directly from the DASH4PRO display, and view the results live on the display. Save time setting up and changing tests by changing and adjusting settings on the connected display instead of reconfiguring for each test using the PC. Use the DASH4PRO's menus to configure start/stop conditions, trigger effect, interval flag, optional outputs, MFDD settings, test names and units.

New! Case and Mounting Options. The M4 mounting holes on the rear of the new die-cast aluminium case allow for solid mounting to any custom brackets, or the steering wheel bracket (optional). Whilst the new mounting boss accessory features a 1/4" UNC (tripod) thread for fitting to suction mounts and other popular mounting systems.

For more information on the DASH4PRO CAN display visit our website here

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