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The Best Dashboard In The World... (probably)

The DASH2 PRO display is now shipping!
Introducing the DASH2 PRO display, a fully configurable and customisable display system. The DASH2 PRO offers all the features of the original DASH2 and so much more. With powerful live data processing and enhancement options enabling you to specify a complete data system in just a single compact component.

  • Fully configurable unit, display any variables from analogue sensors, CAN bus/ECU
  • Configurable custom alarms/warnings - now more noticeable with flashing backlight
  • All new LCD, exclusive to the DASH2 PRO, with adjustable contrast and brightness
  • Perform calculations on variables live! Display the results and trigger warnings
  • Road legal and IVA compliant, complete dash display complete with warning lights

* Extra 4 analogue inputs and digital outputs option are the same enhancement, 4 outputs/extra inputs for $250. PWM output option also available.

Enhancement Options:
Specify a complete system tailored to your requirements, using the DASH2 PRO enhancement options. Complete data logging with GPS and integrated accelerometers; access vehicle sensor data via the CAN bus or ECU; and control external systems with the output drivers or PWM outputs.

GPS Data Logging and 2g Accelerometers Option
A complete data logger and display in a single compact package. Featuring lap timing using GPS, and accelerometers for measuring grip usage. Data is logged to the internal memory and downloaded via USB.
CAN Reception Option
Decode any CAN data from either the vehicle's main CAN stream or CAN based aftermarket ECU. Display a multitude of vehicle data from only 2 wires
Output Drivers + 4 Extra Analogue Inputs
Control external systems; set custom conditions to automatically control other systems on the vehicle. Turn on fans, pumps and warning lights etc, based on simple or complicated equations
PWM Output Controller Option
Pulse Width Modulation output controller allows a fine control of external systems, not just on/off. Ideal for water injection / nitrous oxide injection control etc. 
Advanced Options Bundle
Harness the data processing power of the DASH2 PRO with these clever functions. Advanced alarms, shiftlights, RPM scale, control inputs, display functions, lap timing and car computer functions.
GoPro Video Control and Data Synchronisation
Control GoPro HD video cameras using the DASH2 PRO; perfect for synchronising HD video with the data from the GPS data logging option. Use the control cable to start/stop recording automatically, with automatic synchronisation in the analysis software; enabling video alongside data analysis, and stunning HD output videos with graphical data overlays.

GoPro video support is also compatible with our latest range of DL1 data loggers, for an example output video click the image below: -

For more information on the GoPro video support please visit our website here